Conclusions & Summary of Requests for Engagement

Difficulties in agency prioritization of resources in support of IT modernization, ability to procure services quickly, and technical issues have resulted in an unwieldy and out-of-date Federal IT infrastructure incapable of operating with the agility and security that is required of a multibillion-dollar Federal IT enterprise. In order to aggressively modernize IT systems, the Federal Government will need to maximize use of shared services and commercial capabilities. In furtherance of this objective, existing policies and programs will be rapidly and iteratively updated to eliminate barriers to cloud adoption, and agencies will rapidly migrate applicable capabilities to commercial cloud services. Capabilities which will not be hosted in the commercial cloud will be modernized to leverage modern security protections, and agencies will assess risk of existing capabilities to prioritize resources on protecting the most important systems and information. The Federal Government will also accelerate the adoption of cloud email and collaboration tools, improve and strengthen existing shared services, and provide additional security shared services for agencies.

Achieving these goals will require an active shift in the mindset of agency leadership, mission owners, IT practitioners, and oversight bodies. Federal agencies must consolidate their IT investments and place more trust in services and infrastructure operated by others. Such a change in outlook will allow for greater utilization of shared services, consolidated infrastructure, and cloud-based collaboration tools that can deliver improved functionality and drive cost efficiencies to improve Government operations and citizen services.